Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Uncommon Tools of Media Relations

Since my wireless went out on me at the beginning of the session, I did not get to do the twittering I thought I would.

However, since I wasn't worried about twitter so much I got to pay better attention to Faith Peppers and her talk about journalist relations.

The most striking thing I remember about her talk were her suggestions of places to get your client into the media. While a lot of times I have heard the "shoot for the moon" method, she suggested you shoot low.

Peppers said you have a much better chance getting in the media if you shoot low!
You have to know your limits when pitching to some media, but she said many people pay attention to things you wouldn't expect like local mailings, small radio stations and local cable.

It is sort of a help me, help you mentality. Some of those media forms really need information and if you can get it them they will be happy to use it.

Bottom line - know your limits, but be creative. Community calendars, newsletters and special interest magazines can be a great tool.

It was interesting to hear about these different ways to get to media relations. I will remember to keep these unique ideas in mind when I find myself looking for some media exposure.

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