Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Media Relations: Different ways to get information out

How do you get in the news:
  • News Releases

  • Pitches - this is getting stories in the news more and more

  • Reporter Queries - not necessarily going to get quotes but good to give background information and build a relationship

  • Periodicals

Earned media is always better than paid media (aka advertisements)

Weekly newspaper, small dailies always need you. Especially during times (like holidays) when people are not around. They'll thank you for giving them information.

For small radio stations: give them the information the way they can use it. Make sure they have the technology to use the information you give them. That way you are more likely to be given radio time.

Newsletters need you: Homeowner Associations, city newsletters, PTA newsletters, look for the ones that are a little different and fit your publics.

Let them know the resources you have that they need. For example, with the drought, UGA has a great web site.

When reporters come for a story; give them ideas for other stories when they leave. (Give them dessert).

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