Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Opening night at the braves

A sports reporter after finding every possible angle to cover opening night at the Braves,the rookies, the bat boy, the organ player he thought there was nothing left.

Walking up to the game he saw an old man sitting on the street with one leg, holding a sign that said "I need a ticket."
'Do you think that you will get a ticket to the game?' the reporter asked the man.
The man replied that he had been to every home game for the last 20 years. After waiting for a few moments a man came by and offered the man a ticket. Not just any ticket but a ticket 4 rows back for the home plate. After a night of enjoying the game, watching the old man interact with the kind stranger who gave him a ticket, he had found his story.

Moral of the story- Look for the one legged beggar, he has your story

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