Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Professionalism 101: What NOT to do

Generally, if you are trying to find a job or internship, there are basic things you should know such as what to wear to an interview, etc. Many times in seminars on professionalism, people provide basic information that you may already know. But Dawn Miller Brun, Jessica Laiti, Blair Logan, and Michelle Roche teamed up to go a little more in depth about what NOT to do during Professionalism 101.

  • Do NOT send thank you notes to employers after an interview with sailboats and little fishies. IT'S NOT PROFESSIONAL! (Yes, someone really did that, see replica above thanks to the drawing by Ms. Laiti)
  • Do NOT send text messages to employers ever! IT'S NOT PROFESSIONAL!
  • Do NOT affiliate yourself with weird groups on Facebook where the profile picture is a naked girl. Employers will find you!
  • Do NOT show up empty handed. Be sure to have extra copies of your resume and writing samples.
  • Do NOT be afraid to ask anything . . . well, use your own judgment.
  • Do NOT wear jeans, a camisole, and flip-flops to an interview, even if the employer says it's okay. It is always better to dress up than to dress down.
  • Do NOT rely on e-mails for your pitch. Approximately 8/10 companies will say they never received the e-mail according to Michelle Roche from her experiences.
  • Do NOT include exclamation points in your e-mails.
They did actually give some tips on what you should do too:
  • Drop a handwritten note or e-mail within 24 hours after interview. (Just not like the one pictured above)
  • Google yourself! If you don't, know employers will. Be cognizant of the information available on the internet about you.
  • Send a personalized cover letter
  • Find places to volunteer your services to get experience
  • Be realistic when negotiating
  • Give a range when asked about compensation
  • Find a job that makes you happy
We had fun in this session! Click here to view more photos.

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