Friday, January 18, 2008

What I needed last year

On this wonderful Friday afternoon, I decided to take a look at the itinerary for PRSA's RealWorld, coming up on Feb. 22.

As I was browsing the schedule, one session in particular caught my eye: "PR 101: Haven't had a PR course yet? Learn about the basics from public relations veterans who have experience in media relations, corporate communications and internal communications."

Heck yes.

That's exactly what I would have liked last year when I attended RealWorld for the first time. This means every single PRSSA member who hasn't been admitted to Grady should go.

RealWorld understands that everyone coming is not a p.r. major, and they're ready to cater to those who want to know more about it.

With all that information, I know you want to look more. Check out the schedule for yourself and see if anything else catches your eye.

Early registration ends on Feb. 8, so get your moo-lah in quick! I want to see all of you there!


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Lizzie Azzolino said...

Join the Facebook group "I'm attending PRSA GA's Real World 2008" for regular updates. You can see who is planning on going and carpool, too!